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... A new look in interior design that brings digital processes to traditional craft ...

We specialise in wall panelling and pattern designs to give homes

a timeless feel while highlighting the natural features of the surface 



Our patterns consist of small yet visible square pixels, which 

evoke an unexpected tactility reminiscent of coarse grain fabric or tapestries.

Wall Panelling Collection
Wall Panelling

Wall Panelling


Each of our projects is created to reflect the unique vision of our clients and to

suit the characteristics of the particular interior. Please contact us for further details.


Botanical Ode

A Leaf From Her Book

Daisy Sonnet

Botanical Ode

Wall Panelling Collection


Art Furniture

... we are passionate about street art and vintage furniture,

so we decided to combine the two ...

Art Furniture is a collaborative project with Tamara Broido from Reclectic 
and artist Jonty Hurwitz.
We search for inspiring vintage pieces and turn them into decorative accessories for the home. The Heritage Collection is based on historical patterns, while the Illusion Collection is a playful game of trompe l'oeil inspired by the particularities of the piece.
Art Furniture

Working Bench

Metal Cabinet

Vintage Suitcase

Cinema Chairs

Blanket Box

Art Furniture Collection
The imagery is made up of pixel elements transferred 
onto the furniture using our unique 
spray painting process.

Art Furniture Collection


About Us

UnSquare Studio is Ni:na and Pierrotto, a London-based art and design collaboration. It emerged as a continuation of a year-long Art Furniture project, which caught the attention of the interior design world and won the Best Stand award at the 2014 East London Design show. 


Our studio is a space where we experiment with the boundaries of the creative process and have been pushing the traditional to become modern, the digital to become organic and ultimately the pixel to become a natural part of the wood. 

We are extremely rigorous in our attention to detail, insisting upon precision, coherence, style and playfulness in our solutions to creative challenges.



On each of our projects we work collaboratively with our clients throughout the process, from initial ideas to design and execution right up to installation.


It's a real pleasure for us to share our passion with you. We are delighted to collaborate with interior designers, architects, developers, and individuals.

About Us
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